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There are a vast amount of flat roofing systems on the market, and just like the commercial side of our business, we will always choose a flat roof system that best suits the need and conditions for the given environment and use.   Here are the factors we consider when designing the best flat roof system for a home.  Life expectancy / durability / Cosmetics and cost.

The most important thing to consider when designing your flat roof is the “flashings” and “drainage”.  We can assume that the “field” of your flat roof can be installed properly in most cases, but it is the flashing and drainage that will lead to its failure more times than not.

So regardless of the flat roof system, lets make sure the things that make the roof fail are done right.

– Wall tie-ins 
EPDM-Roof-System – Pitch
– Drains systems
– Gutters 
– Traffic
– Edge metals 
flat-roof23 – Skylights  
– Doors / window pans
– Pitched “v” transitions
flat-roof45 – Weight and live load
– Plumbing pipes 
– Chimneys
flat-roof-skylight – Positive roof
– Railing
– Foot
– Ice conditions
– HVAC equipment

We find that most residential roofing contractors are not trained properly to install “Commercial” flat roof systems, and when they run into one on a residential structure, there are usually major deficiencies in technique and workmanship.  The same procedures that apply in the commercial environment must also be applied in a residential flat roof environment.  Please review the many systems and flashing procedures in the Long Island Residential Roofing section of our web site. In addition note: most residential structures are “wood framed” and under no circumstance should a roof system be installed that uses an open torch procedure (they are very dangerous to install). Please see Don’t use Torch Down.


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