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How and Why, Roof Venting for Your House:

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There are two reasons that you need a roof venting system for your pitched roof. The first is to allow heat gain in warm weather months to escape and the second is to allow heat loss and moisture to escape during cold weather months.

Roof Venting the the assembly in warm weather months will keep extreme temperatures from damaging wood substrates and shingles.  It will also make sure your roof is in compliance with the shingle manufacturers warranty requirements.  Proper venting can also help with the cooling of your living space in warmer weather seasons.

Roof Venting in colder months is also vital for your Commack roof assembly.  Moisture and heat loss that occurs in cold weather seasons must be allowed to escape the roof assembly or it will create condensation on the underside of the wood substrate leading to mold or wood damage.  Poor ventilation in cold weather can also be a major contributor to Ice Damming conditions because of “irregular thaw of snow” in areas heat loss cannot escape.  It is a good idea to make sure excessive heat loss is prevented by having good insulation for all living areas. We do find other items that contribute to heat loss such as; recessed lighting “high hats”, non-vented bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans, pull down attic stairs, whole house fans and skylights. 

All of these can and will allow excess heat and moisture into an attic space and cause damage if not vented properly. Venting the roof or attic area is an extra way of keeping the area flush with fresh air, keeping a dank smell from growing into mold and mildew that can be harmfull to the residents of the home.

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