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Roof Pro Inc is a Long Island Roofing Company that provides full Roof Maintenance Services for residential homes in the Long Island, NYC regions.

The exterior of your home is exposed to many weather conditions such as extreme heat and exposure to harmful UV rays, below freezing temperatures, snow and ice. These exposures can cause movement of the sub-structure and breakdown of seals and coatings. Over time these conditions will create potential water intrusions, and shorten the life expectancy of your roof.

The other things that are looked for during a NY Roof Contractors visit would be wind damage, over grown trees and bushes, animal and bird infestations and workmanship issues from other service providers (cable technicians are notorious for attaching and drilling where they shouldn’t). Most needed repairs in the Suffolk County and Nassau County area can be on the spot if minor, or they can be priced and performed at a later date if they are more involved. The good news is that they did not sit there undetected for years before becoming a large problem.

Cleaning organic debris from gutters and leader systems is obvious but it is also vitally important to remove debris from roof areas as well, such as flat roofs, crickets, valleys and around skylights.

NY Home Roofing Services is recommended two (2) times per year in Dix Hills, late spring and late fall, just after the trees have dropped their seasonal seeds and leaves in the Commack area. Your average home will cost about $130, per maintenance visit, to perform. The cost could go down or up, for smaller or larger homes in the Plainview and Long Island area.

Regular Plainview Roofing Services and Maintenance to the gutter and roof systems will insure the entire exterior of your home remains watertight and last its expected term. New York Home Roofing serves the West Islip, Long Island, and Plainview surrounding area!

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