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August 26, 2014

Bay Shore Roof Repair

Skylights are a lovely addition to a home, allowing soft, natural light to spread warmth throughout the house. There are, however, some important points to consider when deciding to install a skylight. It is essential that the lights be of utmost quality, one of the many reasons clients from all over New York choose Roof Pro, your local Long Island Roofing Company to carry out their installation. In the harsh NY environment replete with heavy rain, snowfall, organic debris and UV exposure, it is all the more crucial that the installation be done right the first time to prevent leaks and maintain the roof’s integrity.

NY Roof Skylights

Roof Pro recommends going with an insulated glass skylight over acrylics. The glass will have a longer life expectancy and can be tinted for better light and heat resistance in the depths of summer. Also crucial to keeping your skylight in good condition is that the initial installation be carried out with proper technique. Roof Pro is an expert at tailoring the installation of your skylight to fit your particular roof’s pitch and material. When installed correctly, our system should last the entire life of your roof without needing to be resealed.

To insure your NY Roof Skylight lasts for the long haul without leaks or other misfortune, Roof Pro builds what is called a “flashing system” beneath your skylight. This is set into the opening in your roof, topped with what is called a “curb,” which is then secured, insulated, and finally the glass or acrylic is secured to the curb. This multi-step system insures that your skylight is installed with the greatest of care. So whether you come from Bohemia, Commack, or Dix Hills, you can be confident that Roof Pro Inc. will install your skylight to the highest standard of professionalism!

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