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Roof Pro replaces a Oyster Bay Roof.

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  Roof Pro does a complete replacement on a Oyster Bay roof in Nassau County, New York. The week before our estimator was there and gave a complete parts and labor estimate to the building owner and got approval for the job. The crew gets there early in the morning and sets up tarps on the ground to prevent nails and debris from littering the area surrounding the building, especially around the garbage chute they built for the job site. The several pallets full of supplies were dropped off the day before by the supply house so the crew just had to set up and get to work. This building had a flat roof with no or very little traffic on it in the future so we decided to install a EPDM roofing membrane. The EPDM roofing is a single layered roofing rubberized material that is adhered to the surface of the hard roof flat structure. It comes in large sheets that are joined by bonding adhesive or mechanically fastened with batten strips.


We first installed and sealed the through wall overflow, the brick chimney counter flashing and a chimney EPDM wrap to water proof the high points..

Roof Pro ripped out the old roofing materal because we needed a good surface to adhere to like the base hard roof. Some spots were weathered and needed to be replaced and sealed correctly. Then we laid down the EPDM coating in sheets of long rolls to keep as few seams as possible

Once the rolls of EPDM opened up they were adhered to the roof by flattening the material over the roof with a squeegee type.

Installed correctly these roof systems are a great water proofing a top of a building but it’s not for all roofs. If there is high traffic the roofing material is likely to puncture or rip, if a roof is without HVAC or signage or any other systems that would need workers to walk on it then it could last 20 years or more.


The Skylights had to be cut around and tucked, we had to set around a tapered drain, then an edged metal with uncured flashing.

Roof Pro can take EPDM (Rubber Roofs) and usually install a roof with little or no seams, making the roof like a one-piece “pool liner”. It also works well when installing a roof top deck system, as it does not compress like an asphalt base system. Cosmetically this roof also tends to look “cleaner” than an asphalt type system. It’s the amount of seams that matter. Commercially this roof is good for large square foot roofs that have a very low penetration profile and controlled exposure to the public. In these cases EPDM can be a cost effective system. EPDM is also excellent for high walls, small penthouse roofs or water proofing duct work.

Our roofs are guaranteed by GAF roofing supplier and by our own Roof Pro contract and warranty. We finished the roof job and at the the end cleaned up the sight and had a Foreman come back the next day when it was daytime to look over the job and give it a Roof Pro approval stamp. If there was extra attention needed on the roof a return visit from a Roof Pro crew would have to be scheduled to address it and make the correction.

The building was finally done, we have cleaned up the area and dragged away the tarp with the debris on it. Leaving behind the clean lawn, pavement and pathways without any wood or scrap laying around to hurt anyone after we are gone. We had the dumpster carted away as well with all the debris piled into it. Another building well done by the Roof Pro team.

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Call Us Today: 1-800-766-3773

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