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Roof Pro fixes a Roof on a Woodbury building.

  This nice sunny day in the summer of 2017 Roof Pro goes to Woodbury, Nassau County, New York. We showed up first thing in the morning to evaluate the roof and determine a plan of attack. The estimator already made a supply list and a roof spec sheet for this commercial building and what would be needed for the install.RoofPro-van The owners of the commercial building had issues with contractors and HAVC techs ripping up the water proof membrane roofing material on the surface area where everyone was using as a pathway to maintain their equipment. So the answer is called Unity Pads or Unity Surface Systems. Basically it’s old rubber from tires and automotive applications recycled as a hard durable pad that can interlock and be cut to size of any roof top shape. It is a great system that can be used for heavy traffic areas, roof top patios, playgrounds or even a roof top business such as a bar or restaurant maybe. The substance is wonderful and can be replaced by block such as a patio brick that has not been cemented into place.

You can earn SS credits because it is a recycled material used, actually LEED points can be gained also for it’s recycle rubber and tires material.

The nice thing about these unity pads is that there is a variation of colors and possible prints for decorations and playground images and games such as hopscotch or any other ideas. 2

The inter-locking segments can be glued together or just snap it to make the shape you need..

These unity pads are tested and approved for a bunch of safety and structural bench marks such as:
• Fire Retardant Test-PASSED
• Weathering-Aging Test-PASSED
• Skid Resistance Test-PASSED
• Wind Up Test-PASSED
• Impact Resistance Test-PASSED
• SRI & Emmittance Test-PASSED
• Thermal Conductivity Test-PASSED

These important tests and others are preformed on several different brands of blocks and roof pavers, we use only the top brands, made in America and guaranteed to work like they are supposed to. roof-pro-skylight

Due to the extreme durability of the tiles, the warranty is covered for and by a manufactured and installation guarantees. There are also extended warranties that can be set up in the business also. A written warranty is available upon request. final-install-roopro

The tiles can be painted if it is desired after many years of usage to get a fresh new extended look out of them.

The final look of these on a roof is worth the peace of mind that the water proof membrane will not be torn up and that high traffic areas are protected. As you can see the blocks are locked together and resit wear and weather attacks from any thing mother nature can throw at them.
If you have a roof that needs repair or just needs to be replaced call us at: 1-800-766-3773

Call Us Today: 1-800-766-3773

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