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Roof Pro fixes a Bay Shore roof.

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  Roof Pro does a complete replacement on a Bay Shore roof, Suffolk County, New York. Our estimator was at the location the week before and gave a complete parts and labor estimate to the home owner and got approval for the job. The crew gets there early in the morning and sets up tarps on the ground to prevent nails and debris from littering the area surrounding the house. The pallet full of supplies were dropped off the day before by the supply house so the crew just had to set ladders up and get to work.

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The roof was a bit worn, with dark soot marks from the exposed chimney and several leaks found. .

Roof Pro torn down the old roof that exposed some rotted wood that had to be replaced. It was just some of the roof that needed to be fixed or completely replaced. We cut and shaped the plywood to fit in the areas that needed wood to be replaced. Then added a water proofing sheet of plastic, tar paper and finished with high quality roof shingles.

Making sure the replaced plywood fit correctly and tightly so there were no gaps or open spots for water or ice to get into is the right way to do it.

The roof had some extensions added to it over the years so we worked them into the roof line. We also put in a pinnacle vent to let out heat in the summer months. The home owner picked a light grey roof shingle instead of the brown/tan shingles that were on the roof previously. The house had a light brown wall shingle on it so the almost exact same color on the roof looked a little too conforming. We at Roof Pre think the different color roof looks good on this house and agree with the customer.


We then made sure all gaps are closed and tightly water proofed with the proper caulking and sealants. This house needed extra care on the vent pipes and chimney with the base of the roof that had to be flashed and sealed as per our GAF industry standards.

We recapped and covered the chimney to prevent any more weathering on it or leaking water from it.

The chimney was covered with a red aluminum colored cover to keep the insides from continued decay. It was an extra strong layer to the system. We then had to chalk and finish it so as there would be no leaks. The base had to have new wood installed because of the leaking old design, so we insulated and boxed in the base and top portion of the chimney also

Our roofs are guaranteed by GAF roofing supplier and by our own Roof Pro contract and warranty. We finished the roof with a great quality shingle on the areas we needed to fix, and at the the end cleaned up the sight and had a Foreman come back the next day when it was daytime to look over the job and give it a Roof Pro approval stamp. If there was extra attention needed on the roof a return visit from a Roof Pro crew would have to be scheduled to address it and make the correction.

bayshore-roof-roofpro3 The house was finally done, we have cleaned up the area and dragged away the tarp with the debris on it. Leaving behind the clean lawn and pathways without any nails or scrap laying around to hurt anyone after we are gone. Another home well done by the Roof Pro team.

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