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Roof Pro fixes a roof on a house in East Meadow.

  Roof Pro repairs and rebuilds a back roof on a home in East Meadow that has extensive water damage. The roof was bowed in from the water intrusion, warping the plywood top boards and dipping the roof line causing puddles from rain storms. Interior leaking had become a recent issue, so Roof Pro had to get the job done ASAP. The home owners wanted to keep the two sky lights and to rebuild the roof to as good or better than it was before the damage. An estimator had come earlier and a price was agreed to. roofpro-truck-front-houseEarly in the morning of a gloomy day the crews came over to start the tear down of the old roof, a tarp was laid down to prevent a mess on the grass and back deck. The roof was awfully soft with water damage, the entire plywood base had to be replaced on one side of the rear roof area. We then cut and shaped wood to go on the areas around the stand pipe and chimney.

Making sure there is solid wood covering the top of the house for your shingles to attach to is very important

The weather got darker and a few rain clouds emptied a very light shower on the work site a few times but the progress continued. We had then finished the roof wood base and started to lay down the water proof plastic liner.
Roof Pro and the home owner has decided to match the roof shingles with the rest of the house shingles. A grey/blue shingle color with top quality marks for durability 30+ years. The liner is done so now the roof shingles are nailed into place with a cap ing of the peak of the roof. The flashing used is copper, a good metal that oxidizes very slowly and can be sobered together in many pieces if needed. The flashing was used around the chimney, stand pipe and the two sky lights the owner wanted to keep. Most of the window was disassembled to get the copper flashing under it so it is sealed properly. The copper and the black sealant we use work together well and we were able to use the windows because they were in great shape. The windows had no rust, rot or dents in them. We flashed around the windows then reassembled them and ask the home owner to crack them up and down so there was no binding or track impeding material in the way.


Other things to check on a sky light install are the so called “curb” of the skylight unit, and to make sure it is properly secured and insulated, more times than not we find units that were set into an opening and never shimmed and secured. This can allow movement of the unit and flashings leading to water intrusion. Insulating the space between the rough opening and the wood curb is also important, as excessive heat loss during snow conditions can cause an Ice Dam at the bottom apron of the unit when melting water on the perimeter of the unit refreezes.

We make sure that structural framing of the roof skylight opening is done to county code. The copper flashing must be tight and create a good and strong moister barrier.

The hatch /glazing should be set on curb when flashing system is complete. It is important that the hatch is set square to the curb and the factory seals of the hatch seat tightly to the top of the curb to insure a proper seal from the intrusion of both water and air. Skylights wider than 30” usually require cutting two or more roof rafters to install. This transfers the weight that was carried by the cut rafters to the two outside rafters. If this is not framed to code it will likely cause movement (sag in deck) around the unit and this movement and settling of the deck can cause the skylight flashing and adjoining shingles to shift or move.

Our roofs are guaranteed by GAF roofing supplier and by our own Roof Pro contract and warranty. At the the end of the install we cleaned up the sight and had a Forman come back the next day when it was daytime to look over the job and give it a Roof Pro approval stamp. If there was extra attention needed on the roof a return visit from a Roof Pro crew would have to be scheduled to address it and make the corrections but this roof was ready to enjoy it’s weather proof durability for 30+ years.

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