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Roof Pro fixes a roof on a Sayville house.

  Roof pro fixes a difficult roof project on a house in Sayville, Suffolk County, New York. As Roof pro shows up first thing in the morning. image001 We pull up with our brand new van added that’s to the fleet and start setting up the equipment to cut flashing and siding for the job at hand. The roof we take on this time is an old house with a flat area in the middle of the house between two upstairs second floors. It has a sort of plateau that has been leaking and needs repair work immediately. The water intrusions are starting to destroy the interior dry wall around the leaks and need to be done ASAP.

When dealing with a flat roof area we have to make sure there are no low spots and good drainage is very necessary to keep water from puddling.

The roof was in bad shape and needed to be torn completely off and some base wood needed to be replaced. Sheets of plywood are the best answer to replace the rotted old wood base. We cut and shaped the plywood to fit in the areas that needed to be replaced. New tar paper and insulation was applied as well as a moisture barrier plastic to prevent any more wood rot in the future was attached to the bare wood roof.

Very few homes are built today with a flat roof area because it is very prone to water intrusion and snow piling and then icing.

The next thing was to nail down the tar paper and over lap the sheets and use a good adhesive to mate them together. Roof Pro always uses the best materials to make sure a roofing job doesn’t leak or tear apart for mild to heavy winds. IMG_2320 Roof Pro personnel had to fit the areas that need to be tight and cut to the size all possible heat escape cracks and openings that may cause water intrusion. It’s important to make sure all gaps are closed and water proofed with the proper caulking and sealants. We had to set up the chimney with with new flashing and reseal the brick and roof contact points properly. Roof Po does it right the first time and we do it as per GACFs rules and recommendations.

Flat roofs need to be done with great effort and attention so as not to let the weather find it’s way in to the home

IMG_2319 We had to get the tar paper all around the flat roof and up to a certain point of the wall. A strong adhesion was used to join the pieces but a full sheet was used as much as possible. Tucking and folding everything to the contour of the roof. We then put on a top layer of asphalt and stone sheets on the top that would be the last layer on the roof. Again adhesion was used to mate them together and weight was applied to fit it nice and tight. IMG_2319 Roof Pro always installs great quality roofing materials on a home. The cheap stuff is for the “fly by night” contractors, not us. Our roofs are guaranteed by GAF roofing supplier and by our own Roof Pro contract and warranty. We finished the roof with great quality materials and at the the end cleaned up the sight and had a Forman come back the next day when it was light out to look over the job and give it a Roof Pro approval stamp. If he found an issue, a return visit from a Roof Pro crew would have to be scheduled to address the issue and make the correction.
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Call Us Today: 1-800-766-3773

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