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Roof Pro fixes a roof on a East Islip house.

  Roof Pro takes on a slate roof repare on a house in East Islip, Suffolk County, New York. The estimator already made a supply list and a roof condition outline for the installation crew a week or more ago. The crew sets up tarps on the ground and on the yard bushes to prevent nails and debris from littering the area surrounding the house. Clean up is much easier this way and keeps the small pieces from showing up on the lawn, driveway and front walk area after we leave the property.

Slate roof repair is a specialized roof job, with special tools and training.

Slate roofs are the cream of the crop or the Cadillac of roofs. The durability and long lasting life of slate roofs are incredible and out pro form all other styles of roofs. The historical background of these roofs are known by many historians, they were put on government buildings, large mansions, upper class hotels and many other structures, also done for it’s dignified looks and colors. Slated roofs can last 100+ years compared to the average asphalt shingles about 20 years life span, or clay tile 60 years, concrete 50 years, metal 30 to 50 years or wood at about 15-25 years. The longevity does not mean invincible, they must be serviced and are prone to cracks and a slate tile may be shattered when struck by falling branches or debris from a high wind storm. The costs differ from a small single slate replacement to a entire side of a roof hit from and large tree fall. This house had several worn and broken slates in certain parts of the roof that need replacements to be installed. The roof needed maintenance and we preformed it on about a dozen spots on the house.

The slates on this roof were nailed on although there is a French method of using hooks instead.

Roof Pro always consults with the home owners through a estimator from Roof Pro earlier in the week when the home owner selects the color and type of roofing slates( usually the same type and color on the roof ) they would like us to install. We installed the selected slates on the roof as per NY state regulations and warrantied the work done by Roof Pro.

It’s important to make sure all gaps are closed and tightly water proofed with the proper flat edges and cement if needed. This house had a large exhaust fan and chimney on the roof that had to be flashed and sealed as per our standards. Flashing a slate roof may be done several times throughout the life of the roof. It depends on the material, tin, copper, stainless steel or even man made materials. Slate roofs are more expensive to replace, the time to fix or completely replace is longer also.

Flashing around slate is very difficult and requires proper training.

IMG_0518 Our roofs are guaranteed by GAF roofing supplier and by our own Roof Pro contract and warranty. We fixed the roof with a great quality slate and at the the end cleaned up the sight and had a Forman come back the next day when it was daytime to look over the job and give it a Roof Pro approval stamp. If there was extra attention needed on the roof a return visit from a Roof Pro crew would have to be scheduled to address it and make the needed correction.
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Call Us Today: 1-800-766-3773

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