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September 25, 2014

Long Island Residential Roofing

We occasionally encounter residential customers in New York need to repair or install flat roofing. Flat roofs come along with a whole set of concerns all their own, separate from roofs with a grade. It’s important that our customers, whether they’re in our home town of Plainview, Long Island, or anywhere in Suffolk or Nassau County, understand the unique nature of a flat roofing project.

NY Residential Roofing

The most important things to consider are the weatherproofing elements called “flashings” and your drainage systems. These are the items that, if installed improperly, can cause a NY residential flat roof system to fail. It is important at all costs to avoid having standing water pool on the roof. This can void warranties, and if not properly drained can deteriorate the roof to the point of causing major leaks. That’s why a properly installed drainage system is so important to a well-built flat roof.

As far as flashings are concerned, these mainly come into play wherever there are penetrations into the roof. Items such as chimneys, ventilation shafts, skylights, air conditioning, and heating units all require attention, and many of them need their own particular style of weatherproofing. Finally, it’s vital to replace gutter systems whenever a roofing system is replaced. This insures proper flashings can be applied, increasing the roof’s longevity and decreasing the likelihood of leaks or failures.

At Roof Pro, our trained mechanics are masters of these elements of flat roof construction. We take our extensive commercial roofing experience and apply it to the particular challenges of your residential building. If you want to be certain of the quality and craftsmanship of your roof system, give Roof Pro, your local New York Home Roofing Services a call. We’ll be happy to talk you through the particular requirements of your building.

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