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December 18, 2014

Preventing Ice Damming this Winter!

Ice damming prevention is one of the more important things to consider when weathering a snowy New York winter. An ice dam is a confluence of multiple events that can lead to both roof and structural damage to your home. In a perfect world, snow accumulates and melts off your roof at the same rate across the entire surface. But if your Nassau County or Hauppauge roof is not insulated properly, or even at certain points that can’t be helped, such as skylights, chimneys, and gutters, the snow will accumulate and melt unevenly.

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As snow starts to melt in one place and not in another, usually at a lower point on the roof, then cold water starts to pool and refreeze in that spot. Than a dam forms, trapping even more water, which will eventually seep through your roof. Shingled roofs aren’t meant to hold standing water; instead water is supposed to “shed” down and off with the help of gravity in only one direction.

While ice damming is impossible to prevent completely, with the help of your local NY Roofing Services, Roof Pro can help prevent ice damaging your home. One of the main things we use is Ice and Water Shield, a bithane membrane that provides a waterproof layer underneath the shingles. When dealing with parts of the roof where chimneys, pipes, and skylights penetrate the roof another technique is required. We re-rate that area as a “flat roof” penetration and marry, or flash, it to the membrane with tar and metal to provide complete protection. Then we shingle the roof over the membrane.

These prevention methods we use here a Roof Pro are important because when an ice dam forms it will continue to grow as more water freezes and refreezes on your roof, and what starts out as a small problem can quickly escalate into something much worse. Keep your home dry and safe this winter with our professional New York roof repair and service contractors!

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