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The following is an outline of the roof care and roof maintenance system we have developed for your home or business. This program can be modified to meet any of your specific needs. We currently run this program with many building owners and management companies, and have had good feedback at all levels. A good “Roof Maintenance System” is something we think is required for everybody who owns a roof, especially a flat roof

Why a maintenance program?

  • Roofs have a very definite life expectancy, usually 15-25 years depending on the system applied. Getting the maximum life and performance from a roof system relies heavily upon consistent maintenance. Obstructed drain flow causing backups or ponding water will prematurely deteriorate roof systems and can cause major leak situations in heavy rain or snow falls. You should expect a 20-30% extended serviceable life of a roof system with a good maintenance program.
  • Small roof problems can become large ones when left unattended. During routine maintenance, small splits in wall flashing, open pitch pockets or a loose coping metal panels that could have been easily repaired, might lead to major interior damage, costly emergency repairs, or premature failure to an entire roof system.
  • Most leaks are attended to on emergency basis. It generally costs three times the amount of money to dispatch a repair crew for an emergency repair than to handle it during a routine maintenance visit. Avoiding just one emergency repair a season should completely offset the cost of the maintenance visits.
  • Consistent seasonal reports will allow the management team to be proactive and not reactive when forecasting budgets and timing for roof replacements. These reports will allow you to prioritize the properties that have roofs that are getting near the end of their life expectancy.
  • During routine visits other potential problem conditions such as HVAC, masonry, window, and animal infestation will be reported to the management in the follow up report.
  • You may have a relatively new roof that is still under a manufacture’s warranty. If you read through disclaimers of most manufacture’s warrantees, it will specifically say that the owner must maintain and regularly inspect the roof system and report any problems back to the manufacture within 60 days or the warranty will be voided. This program will keep you in compliance with all of your manufacture’s roof warrantees.

Roof Pro maintenance program

  • Maintenance crew
    • The crew will always consist of (1) roof mechanic and (1) laborer. All mechanics are trained and familiar with the installation and repair requirements of the building being maintenance.
    • Roof-Pro will submit a roster of those that will be performing the maintenance program. Your company will have the approval to run background checks on our roster personnel if you choose.
    • All crew members will be uniformed, and will have identification badges. The personnel are trained to be courteous, safe, clean and professional at all times at your facility.

  • Bi-annual scheduled visit schedule
    • Upon start-up of the program, each facility will be inspected and a file for the building will be created. The file will include pictures, roof dimensions, applied systems and an hourly crew time for the duration of the maintenance visit. The average time for a maintenance visit should be 1-3 hours.
    • Maintenance visits will be performed two times a year. The visits will be scheduled in the spring and fall seasons. (Buildings subject to heavy traffic or extreme organic debris may need additional visits.)
    • The maintenance crew vehicle will be equipped with tools and materials to perform a multitude of different repairs as well as being equipped to handle the types of repairs specific to the building in that days schedule. All crews will be briefed in the morning to needs and systems of the buildings in that days work schedule.
    • The following maintenance items will be performed during a standard visit:
      • Clean and dispose all debris from drains, gutters and roof surfaces.b. Prune all trees and organic growth away from roof areas.
      • Re-flash splits in the field of the roof and or wall flashing.
      • Fill all open pitch pockets.
      • Re-flash openings in penetration base flashing.
      • Re-seal open seams in coping, gutters, and metal work
      • Re-secure loose gutters and leaders.h. Replace or re-secure roof tiles.
      • Inspect all roof top mechanical units and equipment.j. Re-flash any new, minor, penetrations made by water or weather.
      • roof-checklist
      • Repair any miscellaneous items in roof area that require minor repairs.
    • No addition work beyond the basic service will be performed without specific approval from the property manager.

  • Maintenance Visit feedback
    • Upon completion of the maintenance visit, our field crew will debrief all results of the work performed and overall conditions of the roof at the location to our division manager. Pictures and a conditions report will be forwarded to the property manager. The report will consist of the following:
      • Current pictures of roof and pertinent details.
      • Date and time in and out of visit.
      • Signed check-in sheet from property manager.
      • Details of work performed.
      • Update information on the overall condition of the roof system.
      • Details on any recommended repairs (if needed)

In closing, this is the basic outline of how we perform our maintenance program. This program, if implemented consistently will definitely extend the life of your roof systems as well as reduce the cost of your overall yearly expenditure of budget money spent for roof repairs and replacement. We would suggest, if possible, an assemblage of data figures of the past year’s costs related to roof repairs, roof related damages and roof replacements. You should clearly see the proactive approach of a maintenance program is a great investment. Contact your local NY Roof Service and let us know if you have any interest in this program. Thank you and have a great day.

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