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EPDM Roof Systems are “single ply” roof systems that are manufactured by recognizable companies like Firestone and Carlisle. These roofs come in rolls ranging from 10’x 50’ to 20’x 100’. These roofs are almost always installed over some version of an insulation or recovery board. They can be fully adhered with a bonding adhesive or mechanically fastened with batten strips. Overlapping seams of installed rolls are joined with primer and seam tapes and corners. “T” seams and penetrations are flashed with uncured rubber flashing tapes. These systems have factory produced, cover tapes, pipe boots and pitch pockets for various flashing needs.

EPDMroofingRP Installed correctly these are fantastic roof systems, but we only specify EPDM in certain roof environments for which they are suited.

Due to the fact that this system is a single ply, it is subject to puncture. A roof system on a shopping center has way too much action and turnover of tenants to expect this roof to perform over time. We have seen tenants and mechanical / HVAC contractors use tar on these roofs (solvents in tar destroy membrane), leave screws and debris on roof, and perform repairs and installations without roof protection. All these things are the kiss of death to this type of roof.

Modified product lines are much more sustainable and durable for this environment.

EPDM (Rubber Roofs) do have some great attributes as well. On Long Island residential roofing we can usually install a roof with little or no seams, making the roof like a one-piece “pool liner”. It also works well when installing a roof top deck system, as it does not compress like an asphalt base system. Cosmetically this roof also tends to look “cleaner” that an asphalt type system.

EPDM-rubber-roofing Commercially this roof is good for large square foot roofs that have a very low penetration profile and controlled exposure to the public. In these cases EPDM can be a cost effective system. EPDM is also excellent for high walls, small penthouse roofs or water proofing ductwork.

Installed per manufacturers specifications, EPDM material can carry a 20 year material and workmanship warranty.

If your want to learn more about EPDM roofing or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact New York Roofing Company online or give a call at 1 (800) 766-3776.

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